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This section features the following articles:


Our Picture of the Universe  

Hawking, a distinguished theoretical physicist, explores the big picture of the universe. (Excerpts have been taken from Hawking’s material, and sometimes adapted, in these notes.)


The Mystery at the End of the Universe

Davies, a distinguished theoretical physicist, explores the link between scientific and mystical knowledge, and the quest for the infinite. (Excerpts have been taken from Davies’ material and sometimes adapted in these notes.)


Evolution and God

Edwards, a theologian with an interest in evolutionary theory, compares the biblical, and evolutionary accounts of the origin of life. The theological task of exploring the implications of the evolution of the universe in the light of the biblical account is addressed. (The notes are excerpted and adapted from Edward’s article.)


The Conquest of Nature and the Scientific Priesthood

Sheldrake, a biologist, discusses how a masculine, objectifying science has taken the spirit out of nature. (Excerpts have been taken and sometimes adapted in these notes.)  


The Ecological Age

Thomas Berry, a foremost Catholic figure in the development of a Catholic response to the ecological crisis, ponders the role of humans within earth’s systems. (Here are some of his observations, taken from his article.)


Contemporary Economic Model

McFague, a theologian, is concerned with the links between religion, science, and ecology. She discusses the rise and impact of market economies, the rise of individualism and the consumer, and the challenge of global justice. (Excerpts have been taken from McFague’s material and sometimes adapted in these notes.)


Aboriginal and Biblical Accounts of Creation

Written by a group of Aboriginal Christian elders, this table shows links between Aboriginal and biblical accounts of creation (Notes have been adapted to form a table.)


Aspects of Aboriginal Religion

A well-known anthropologist reflects on a typical Aboriginal account of the primordial world. There is a rational structure and life impact of the ideas behind the mythic account. (For the sake of organization, notes are in point form.)


Reflections on Nature and Spirituality

In this article, I reflect on my own life and worldview. Particularly included are how I regard nature and how this view has developed. Finally, I link my reflections to my faith and a new unfolding spirituality in my life.


Places, Dreaming, and Faith



A New Earth: Bringing the Earth to Completion



The Ecological Predicament: A Crisis of Spirit








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